Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons.  We believe in tailoring the counseling to the unique personalities, needs, and situations of each couple that we work with.  Through direct questioning and non-verbal observation, we strive to understand the couple's relationship patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth.  Our styles as therapists very much depend on both the couple and situation.  Often we are encouraging and supportive; at other moments, however, we can be direct and challenging.  At times we may choose to be silent in order to allow the couple to naturally interact during our session.  The goals of the counseling can include: developing improved self and relationship awareness, learning how to better hear your partner’s underlying needs, and enhancing your ability to manage your emotions in the heat of the moment.  The process of building these important skills makes couples counseling a valuable experience regardless of the outcome.

We are a gay and transgender friendly practice, and work with all couples and relationship experiences.