Individual Psychotherapy

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons.  Whether it's learning how to better manage your emotions, recovering from trauma, achieving a sense of mastery and self-confidence, gaining new meaning and understanding in your life, building new relationship skills, or taking the proverbial "look in the mirror", therapy has the potential to provide numerous benefits.


In our practice, we place a high value on cognitive and emotional insight and self-awareness.  This internal transformation is often associated with physiological change, as well as increasing the motivation necessary for behavioral change.  


But how does one get there in therapy?  We believe it starts with the relationship between the psychologist and the client, or the "therapeutic relationship."  We focus on my relationship with each client as a means for exploring feelings and themes that are often difficult to talk about.  In other words, it's not just what we talk about, but how we talk about it.  We will do our best to listen actively, push you to challenge yourself, and focus on reflection and growth. Our role is to understand and appreciate your worldview, while also helping you recognize ways in which it might be creating conflict without your realizing it.