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I started this practice in 2007, after moving to the Philadelphia region.  I have previous experience working in clinics, hospitals, and university mental health.  I am licensed psychologist in PA and an Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis, certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH).

My treatment philosophy is influenced by attachment theory, relational psychodynamic approaches such as self psychology, and mentalization-based treatment. However, I try to avoid labels as I believe they limit the richness of this special work that we do. When I explain my approach to clients and colleagues, I emphasize the importance of the therapeutic relationship in facilitating curiosity and insight, which in turn fosters greater reflective functioning and affect regulation.    A great metaphor for the work is the focusing process of a microscope.  Some people are disconnected and out of focus; they need help tuning into what it is like to “be” with themselves.  Others are too zoomed in and hypervigilant; these people need help learning how to step back and take perspective, e.g. ‘see the big picture’ more effectively.  Through my own non-verbal and verbal attunement to your experience, I will help you learn how to more effectively self-direct your attention and be with yourself in a healthier way.  Our interpersonal process of attunement leads to internalization and self-mastery.  Further, I believe that effective therapy is balanced between exploration of past developmental experiences to understand patterns and templates of being in the world and present experiences, both in the here-and-now therapy encounter and day-to-day contexts.  Last, but certainly not least, I believe strongly in the value of experiential techniques such as clinical hypnosis and mindfulness meditation to further the therapeutic process that I have just described. Clinical hypnosis has tremendous value in providing a state of focused attention in which personally tailored hypnotic language and imagery can be effectively utilized to further clients’ therapeutic goals.  Hypnosis is inherently a tool of therapy rather than a stand-alone treatment.

My clinical specialties and interests include working with anxiety and mood disorders, health psychology and psychosomatic disorders, relationship issues, and trauma.  I value a scholar-practitioner approach, and enjoy teaching and writing.  I am a co-author of the 2013 book Attachment in Group Psychotherapy, and have taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Drexel University, James Madison University, Lafayette College, and the University of Maryland.  I have also presented to professional audiences throughout the United States on a variety of subjects.  



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"This is the first well-informed and scientifically rigorous extension of attachment theory to group psychotherapy. It is a wonderfully constructed and imaginative text that is sure to become a clinically invaluable tool for all those who work with groups and an excellent introduction to students learning the art of psychological treatment."

— Peter Fonagy, PhD, FBA, Chief Executive of the Anna FreudCentre, and Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis, University College London, England

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